AwareGO is at Booth K70 in Infosec London.

Posted by Ragnar Sigurdsson
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infosec-logoWe are attending Infosec Europe at the Olympia hall in London from June 5th - June 7th. 

AwareGWO produces high-quality content to maximize the impact of security awareness campaigns.  We are previewing our new subjects including Data leaks, Ransomware and Phone locking.

Our mission is to improve employees security awareness with minimal effect on their productivity.

Our new LMS

We are really excited about showing you our new Learning management system (LMS) - My AwareGO. It is made to be easy to use.

Our ambition is to get security awareness training up and running for all companies with minimal effort and maximum impact.  Security awareness for companies should be in the hands of data protection officers (DPO’s) or human resource manager, not the IT department  Just a few clicks and you and you can be up and running. Minimising the risk of data leaks and other security breaches.

Please stop by our booth number K70.

If you are interested in checking out our beta.  Please subscribe below:

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