Why not Security Awareness month, every month?

Posted by Ragnar Sigurdsson
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security-awareness-month.pngLast October we had the annual security awareness month and I wonder if security awareness should next be on the agenda after eleven months have passed? I for one sure hope not, I hope security awareness is a subject that should be “on” every month of the year. Security awareness is a subject that needs to be on a constant reminder at an organization, so it´s fresh in the employee’s mind always, not just one month of the year. It is a subject far more important than that.

From time to time, we see ads on TV or in social media to buckle up or we shouldn’t watch your phones while driving and those are of course vital messages. We as employees are in constant threat of being breached, hacked, fooled or lured into some criminal schemes to get our companies or personal data or worse. Therefore, we need to be reminded on those threats all the time to make ourselves more careful handling our organization’s or personal data.

It´s now proven that we the humans are the best virus protections ourselves if we are made aware and reminded constantly on different threats.

So why don´t we have security awareness month, every month?


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